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Tattoos, body piercing, studio, nottingham, cheap
Location: Nottingham - England - United Kingdom
Address: 3 Ilkeston Road, Nottingham, NG7 3GD
Date Posted: 26 de Febrero
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Inkland Tattoo and body piercing studio is a body modification studio with a difference.
We take pride in creating a relaxed and friendly environment for our customers as well as providing a personal service that is often lacking in other studios.

Whether its piercings or Tattoos we try to offer our customers the best possible advice and service as well as a welcoming atmosphere which caters for their needs.
Our all female tattooists are well trained and highly skilled artists who offer top quality designs. We believe that everyone is entitled to a unique Tattoo that is tailored to their own personal requirements, and we there for only ever do a design once. Why pick a generic Tattoo design out of a book when you can have it designed specifically for you?

We offer designs in all Tattoo styles, including tribal (European and Polynesian), oriental, old school, realistic/portraits, biomechanical, lettering and religious.
We have skilled portrait artists who guarantee to give you a Tattoo that actually looks like the person it is supposed to be, and we have images of our work to prove it!

But, most importantly, we care about the Tattoos and piercings we create and the customers who have them, which is why we offer such a good service to everyone who comes here.
For more information or to see our work please go to our website ( http://www.inkland-Tattoo.com ) or, for our most recent works look for Inkland Parlour on facebook.